Angry Veterans Send Trump A Message In This Video

In recent months, the contentious relationship between President Donald Trump and Saturday Night Live has grown more and more intense. SNL does not shy away from politics and the mocking of political figures and never has. However, President Trump has taken great personal offense to the sketch comedy show, particularly in terms of the impersonation of the President by frequent guest star and host, Alec Baldwin. Because President Trump has taken such a keen interest in the show, negative or not, it seems like the perfect platform to send a message directly to a man that seems otherwise unreachable to most of the nation.

As such, angry veterans chose to send President Trump a bold and direct message in the form of an ad that ran on Saturday Night Live. The ad was created by a political action committee by the name of VoteVets and was originally aired during the MSNBC morning news show Morning Joe, which the president apparently watches frequently.

Hey @realDonaldTrump – remember us? Since you won’t meet with vets at the WH, we’re airing this ad on #SNL this weekend to get on your TV.

— VoteVets (@votevets) February 10, 2017

Re-airing the spot during SNL seems a surefire way to really get the group’s message across, and with any luck, will grab the attention of White House staff if not the President himself and call attention to the sentiments of many frustrated and angry veterans. VoteVet is an organization that is backed by over 500,000 veterans in the United States, giving it a significant responsibility to voice concerns for veterans issues.

The ad they chose to run features an American veteran who is missing a leg that he lost in the war in Afghanistan, doing squats in his garage with a weight bar on his shoulders and a determined look in his eyes. As he works out, the man’s voiceover begins, addressing the President directly. The voiceover continues as follows:

President Trump, I hear you watch the morning shows. Here’s what I do every morning. Look, you lost the popular vote, you’re having trouble drawing a crowd, and your approval rating keeps sinking.

But kicking thousands of my fellow veterans off their health insurance by killing the Affordable Care Act and banning Muslims won’t help.

And that’s not the America I sacrificed for. You want to be a legitimate president, sir? Then act like one.

While only 30 seconds in length, this VoteVet ad says so much about what many veterans and their families are feeling following the election and inauguration of President Donald Trump. VoteVet made a smart play trying to get President Trump’s attention through SNL. After all, in three months, President Trump has reacted to the show via Twitter on three separate occasions. And with all of the political satire in recent weeks, from Melissa McCarthy’s brilliant impression of Press Secretary Sean Spicer to Kate McKinnon’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Kellyanne Conway impersonations, if the President himself is not watching, it is a safe bet that someone in the White House is.

After all, viewership of SNL is at the highest level it has seen in decades and is up 22 percent as of the most recent viewership ratings reviews. With any luck, the message will be received loud and clear and veterans will finally have a direct line to the White House and the President.

Source: huffingtonpost

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