Close To 1 Million Have Already Signed In Support Of Impeaching Donald Trump

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If there is one thing that can be said about the 45th president of the United States, Donald J. Trump, it would be that his presidency is controversial. Every day it seems that something else comes to light that calls for concern and many people are taking notice and trying to take action. In fact, as of February 15th, close to one million people in the United States have already signed a petition in support of starting the impeachment process for President Donald J. Trump.

The running total of signers has passed 900,000 and counting Every day, the numbers of people disillusioned with the current leadership grows and many are looking to do something about it. However, as enthusiastic as those signers are and as good as it sounds to impeach the sitting president because you disagree with their policies, the impeachment process is not all that easy.

However, “Impeach Donald Trump” is trending all across various social media platforms and the internet as a whole. The current petition was started by two political action groups, RootsAction and Free Speech for People. The purpose of this online petition, according to the legal council for Free Speech for People is to try to convince Congress to begin an investigation into the potential causes for impeachment of President Donald Trump.

While many people become disillusioned after a presidential election, particularly if their favored candidate did not win the election, it seems that the election of Donald Trump has caused a major uptick in this sentiment. In fact, even before the final election results were in, people all across not only the nation, but the world, were looking online to find out what would be necessary to impeach a new President of the United States. That level of contempt for a presidential candidate is certainly unprecedented in modern society.

Many are concerned with the implications that President Trump has close ties to foreign governments, Russia in particular. And given the recent resignation of Michael Flynn from his position as National Security Advisor, the allegations of the President’s ties to Russia seem to be growing more and more apparent. Flynn has been found to have been in contact with the Russian ambassador during the election and while the contents of those conversations have not been publicly released, the investigation is continuing an Flynn no longer has a position in the White House.

The public is now questioning whether President Trump was aware of the contact that Flynn had with the Russian government and whether Trump himself was behind those communications or was involved himself. President Trump’s ties to Russia, Putin, and the election hacking incidents are even being questioned by elected officials including Rep. Maxine Walters (D-CA).

However, the President’s possible ties to Russia are not the only concern. His contempt for and complete disregard of the Constitution of the United States are also worrisome to many citizens concerned about their country. Massive ICE raids have been occurring nationwide and while the President claims to be getting “bad people” out, it seems that the reality is that people like Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos, a mother of two U.S. citizens, who has been in the country since she was 14 years old are the types of people being deported.

Of course, this is not all. The Muslim ban is obviously controversial as well as the President’s constant attempts to overrule the judicial branch’s decision to overturn the ban. The numerous executive orders the President has issued as well as concerns that the President has continued business ties to numerous foreign governments are also reasons that many are looking to Congress to launch an official investigation to impeach President Donald Trump.

In the days and weeks to come, it is likely that the number of people signing the petition will only increase. Whether or not Congress will pay attention to their constituents’ wishes is yet to be seen.


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