Here Are The Contenders For The 2020 Democratic Nomination

While the turmoil and controversy of the last presidential election has only just died down, the Democrats are already looking ahead to the future, with hope that the tides could turn and move in a more Democratic favor. After all, President Trump stirs up drama and controversy everywhere he goes and his approval ratings have hit record lows in a short period of time. So, Democrats look on to the 2020 election, trying to see beyond the circus that is going on in present day.

Of course, this means that they need to think about and decide who they want to be the Democratic nominee for the 2020 election. One thing is clear based on polling within the Democratic Party, people are looking for change. This means the vast majority wants a new face and voice as the presidential nominee from the party (sorry, Hillary Clinton, it looks like your time may have come and gone as a leading presidential candidate).

The most popular contender as of recent polling was Bernie Sanders, pulling in 20 percent of Democrats at present. Coming in second is the former first lady, Michelle Obama with 17 percent. Senator Elizabeth Warren has also gained more widespread popularity in recent months and nabbed up 15 percent of the Democratic Party. And while she may not be the top contender anymore, former Secretary of State and First Lady Hillary Clinton managed to still grab 10 percent of the current vote.

However, this still leaves a large percentage of the Democratic Party unaccounted for, meaning that many did not see a contender on the list that they want to see leading the party forward. In fact, 25 percent of those polled said they wanted someone not on the list. This shows a lack of confidence in current Democratic leadership after the recent election upset. In fact, a large percentage of Demmocrats (35 percent to be exact) feel that the party does not currently have a leader. Additionally 16 percent believe former President Barack Obama is the party leader and another 16 percent believe that Senator Elizabeth Warren is the leader.

There is something of a disconnect going on between the voters of the Democratic Party and the DNC and political leaders of the country. The most recent election threw the party into chaos and turmoil. Documents citing the unfair advantage given to Clinton over Sanders in the primaries were leaked. The leader of the DNC was forced to resign because of conflict of interest and ethics violation accusations. And hackers seemed to have the party backed into a corner. Democrats did not know what to think and still are in shock following this unprecedented election season.

Political experts believe that all of this will translate into a large pool of presidential hopefuls and primary election candidates for the 2020 election. This may even closely resemble the large number of GOP candidates starting out in the 2016 primaries.

The Democratic Party will likely be headed in a different direction going into the 2020 election which could bode well for a party ripped apart in the 2016 election. And more candidates means more opportunities for party members to really find a candidate that could take the election and prevent Trump from winning a second term, an important goal for any liberal-minded individual in the country. And whoever gains the nomination in 2020, one thing is certain, the election will likely be no less intense or insane than the previous one. It may even be more so. So, Democrats better be gearing up for another media circus.

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