This Huge Advertiser Just Pulled Its Budget From O’Reilly’s Show Citing "The Importance Of Women"

Bill O’Reilly has come under fire recently for more than just his controversial show in recent months. In fact, it seems that things have gotten much, much worse for this man that is already despised by many. In the past few months, allegations of sexual harassment have come to light against Bill O’Reilly. While this is certainly bad news for the man with his own Fox News talk show, it comes as little surprise to those people who have taken issue with the content of that show. And now advertisers are taking note of all of the controversy and are pulling their ads and their budget from this Fox News program.

There is no question that Bill O’Reilly is an aggressively vocal conservative in numerous arenas, including in the role of women in the world. And he has never taken women’s allegations of sexual assault or harassment seriously. Back in 2004, O’Reilly put forth the claim that women make sexual assault and harassment claims to threaten powerful men. In other words, he actually claims that the women do not actually experience sexual harassment but only claim that they do to take power away from powerful men and manipulate a situation so that the women can gain more power.

Of course, he echoed those sentiments recently when he was accused of sexual harassment himself. However, in spite of his continued efforts to discredit the women that are coming forward with sexual harassment allegations, the damage has already be done. Advertisers that purchase ad space during O’Reilly’s popular news program feel that they need to take a stand. Mercedes is one of those companies.

This luxury automaker recently pulled their ads from the program, stating that they are choosing to reassign the ad budget elsewhere. Mercedes went on to issue further statements regarding this decision. The Mercedes representative have stated that women play an important and integral role in their business. Because of this, they do not feel comfortable funneling money into a program and associating with a program that is fronted by a man with such allegations against him.

Jenny Craig is also a company that advertises during O’Reilly’s Fox News program. While they have not explicitly stated whether or not they will be pulling their ads, it seems like they may be considering it. They issued a comment that they are constantly reevaluating their marketing strategy and advertising policies to ensure that their campaigns are the more potentially profitable and that they uphold the company values they tout.

But Mercedes and Jenny Craig are not the only companies considering bailing on O’Reilly. Lexus has mentioned that they may need to change their marketing strategy in light of the allegations. And that is not all. In fact, more than 20 advertisers have pulled their ads and/or are considering doing so. Lexus, BMW, Allstate and more have called it quits on O’Reilly’s show.

It is safe to say that companies are taking these sexual harassment charges very seriously and given O’Reilly’s previous history of being accused and settling cases out of court, it is a smart decision for these companies to do so. O’Reilly seems to be unable to shake the constant barrage of sexual harassment charges and given the fact that more and more women are coming forward year after year, it is safe to say that at least some of the allegations are based in truth. Only time will tell if Fox News takes any steps regarding O’Reilly’s tarnished reputation but for now, it looks as though the advertisers are pushing him in their own way.

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