LA Times Launches Into Trump “He is a man so unpredictable, so reckless, so petulant ….”

President Trump is nothing if not controversial. And because of all of the controversy that surrounds this president and his current regime, it is no surprise that some of the most reputable and well-known news sources in the nation have taken Trump to task since he first decided to run for office. One of the most recent verbal attacks against President Trump comes from the Los Angeles Times.

The LA Times editorial board published a staggering and blunt review of the current president’s first few months in the White House. Negative reviews of presidents are nothing new. However, when the editorial board of a major news titan like the LA Times literally calls a president “a trainwreck,” it is something to stop and consider.

The scathing review mentions the fact that all those in the news industry as well as many of the paper’s readers and American citizens in general realized that Trump was a narcissist and a liar throughout the course of his campaign. However, they also stated that nobody could have possibly predicted what would happen once he took office.

Of course, being a board of editors at a major publication, these professionals did not just throw around blind insults or unfounded accusations. They back up their claims with evidence. This evidence is what President Trump has done or tried to do since taking office. The policies and decisions that Trump has made thus far certainly backs up what the LA Times is claiming.

Trump spent his early days in office trying to push forward a border wall between the United States and Mexico. He has also started massive deportations of people that were otherwise allowed to remain in the U.S. previously. On top of that, Trump has tried to dismantle the Affordable Care Act and replace it with an act that would deny millions of people healthcare that were covered under ACA. And this is only a small snapshot or what has been going on in the White House in a few short months.

The editorial board went on to call the President reckless, petulant, and unpredictable. And what is even more interesting is that they are not done yet. The LA Times is going to be publishing even more pieces about President Trump and the low levels of respect (if any) Trump has for the rule of law as well as the truth in general. Three more pieces are slated to run on the subject and if they are anything like the first, the editorials will be insightful, scathing, and jarring in nature.

Trump has one of the lowest approval ratings of any president that has been in office period, let alone has been in office for such a short period of time. Trump’s approval rating is only 38 percent as of the latest poll from the Gallup Organization. He descended to a majority disapproval rating at record speed unmatched by any president in the recent past and it does not look like things will turn around, especially when respected journalists and editorial boards are lambasting him in the press.

It will be interesting to see what else the LA Times editorial board has to say about the President in their next three pieces as well as in the months and years to come considering the paths that Trump has recently decided to pursue, like bombing Syria.

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