More Americans Want Trudeau To Be The President Of The US Than Donald Trump

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From looking at what is going on in America today, it looks like that Americans have Trudeau fever instead of fervor for Trump. In a recent Ipsos poll, thirty-three to forty percent of them prefers Trudeau instead of Trump. The man in charge of Ipsos public affairs, Darrell Bricker says the support for Trudeau comes from people who voted for Hillary Clinton and are not thrilled with the results of the election. Bricker has also stated that the prime minister of Canada also gives a message of hope in comparison to Trump. Some American citizens have felt so strong about their dislike for Trump that they have seriously thought about permanently relocating to Canada. Trudeau said Americans were always welcome in their country.

When Justin Trudeau was asked about Trump’s controversial policy proposals on immigration and national, the Prime Minister of Canada did not say anything specifically but did say that Americans are welcome in Canada. He also said that he did not want to “pick a fight” with the president, but he did joke that “Cape Breton is lovely all times of the year.” Despite liking Trudeau more as a person, there are quite a few of Trudeau’s own citizens that prefer Trump’s financial plan better.

Even though eighty-four percent of Canadians really do not like President Trump, another poll that was done by the Mainstream/Postmedia results said fifty-three percent of the people surveyed said that they prefer Trump’s financial plan over Trudeau’s. Trudeau did win over Trump in a lot of other important areas that include: honesty, compassion, inspirational, smart, strong, and rational. Even though Trudeau’s followers were not thrilled about it, Trudeau’s followers were not thrilled about his heartfelt and warm message to Trump after he won the presidential election.

In Trudeau’s public statement after Trump won the presidential election, Trudeau said “Canada has no closer friend, partner, and ally than the United States,” and that Ottawa looked forward to working ”very closely with President-elect Trump, his administration, and with the United States Congress in the years ahead, including on issues such as trade, investment, and international peace and security.”He concluded: “The relationship between our two countries serves as a model for the world. Our shared values, deep cultural ties, and strong integrated economies will continue to provide the basis for advancing our strong and prosperous partnership.” He also said on Twitter in November of last year that he spoke to President Trump and that they planned to meet in the near future to keep building the relationship between Canada and the United States. They recently had this meeting. Even though a lot of people in America and Canada love Trudeau, some may say that there is no reason to discuss him being president of the United States.

Since Prime Minister Justin is not an American citizen, he would not be eligible to be president of the United States. He has to be a “natural-born citizen” or have at least one parent that is an American citizen Even though he can never be our president, hopefully, his positive attributes can rub off on our president. Then we can have a president that has all of the aforementioned traits that Trudeau and then our Commander-in-Chief- will have all of the positive attributes and personality traits that Trudeau has.

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