[VIDEO] Bill Maher Just Slammed Trump By Describing What

It is no secret that under Donald Trump, the Republican party has taken quite the turn. In fact, it is almost unrecognizable from the party of fiscal conservatism that it once was. Bill Maher, a pinnacle of late night talk shows and sarcastic and sardonic humor, is quick to criticize the changes that have occurred recently in the Republican party.

The segment on the recent changes that have occurred in the Republican party, largely due to the insanity of the current White House administration, is certainly not flattering. In fact, Bill Maher while slamming Trump, also makes many excellent points about the directions that the party is going since the president took office. Now that Republicans have the White House as well as the House and Senate, people who are policially savvy would assume that conservative and cost-cutting policies would abound.

But as Maher points out so eloquently, the Republican party is not headed in a more conservative “Republican” direction. They are not even headed in a more Libertarian direction. Maher stated it best when he states that Republicanism under President Trump has become a series of one “dick move” after another. In fact, Maher goes so far as to say that Republicans must be asking, “What would a dick do?” before they make any policy decisions.

He cites numerous recent examples of moves made by the Republican party to back up his claims that these actions were not performed in the name of conservatism at all but only with the aim of “pissing off Democrats.” For example, Maher mentioned the Republican party’s intention to reverse the ban that had been placed on lead ammunition. Lead, of course, is metal that is known to be toxic if ingested which is why other lead-based products including paint, have been long banned in the United States.

However, even though lead has been proven to be toxic to humans and animals alike, Republicans are trying to bring back lead bullets (apparently for hunting). Of course, if hunters kill an animal and leave all or part of the carcass behind, eagles will eat what is left and then die slow, painful deaths. But as Maher notes, apparently that is okay with Republicans, and they have no good reason to take his step as it quite literally has no benefit to the nation financially or otherwise.

Other decisions or goals seem similarly nonsensical. Apparently, some Republicans are pushing to bring back asbestos into home construction, not to mention stopping the ban of a pesticide known to cause impairments to cognitive development in children.

They are also dismantling the Obama era agreement made with the government and car manufacturers that stipulated that car companies must work to make all cars more fuel efficient with a minimum standard of 55 miles per gallon within 8 years. The deal was already done. Car companies agreed to it and so did the government. But Republicans under Trump nixed the deal. More fuel efficient cars would reduce foreign fossil fuel dependency, help the environment, and save car owners money that they could put elsewhere into the economy. But apparently none of that is good enough for Trump era Republicans according to Maher.

All in all, while Bill Maher always delivers his thoughts in a comedic way, he has a point. What is it with Trump Republicans? Are they simply making “dick moves”? What happened to the Republican Party and can it be fixed? Only time will tell, but let’s hope that the Republicans at least get back to a more traditionally Republican agenda because even for staunch liberals, that would be less frightening at this point.


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