[VIDEO] SNL Beautifully Captures Bizarre Love Fest Between Trump And O’Reilly

Saturday Night Live pulls no punches when it comes to President Trump and his questionable and sometimes seemingly insane decisions and choices since taking office. However, this past week, SNL got even more fodder to work with in terms of not only the President of the United States but also with conservatives on the far right in general. After all, Bill O’Reilly is one of the biggest media mouthpieces of the conservative party, and now he is under fire for more than just his political views.

Allegations have recently surfaced against O’Reilly regarding sexual harassment in the workplace. These allegations are not the first time that Bill O’Reilly has been under fire for sexual harassment and he has previously settled all cases out of court. The same has happened with this most recent round of charges and the women in question received undisclosed financial settlements to forgo pursuing further charges and going to court.

SNL simply could not let this situation slide without commenting on it. While Louis CK was the host this week and likely could have done an impressive turn as O’Reilly on the show, it was Alec Baldwin who took a stab at it. In fact, the sketch involved not only O’Reilly on his show, The O’Reilly Factor, but also a special guest appearance by President Trump (also played by the talented Alec Baldwin).

This double duty by Baldwin adeptly capitalized upon the bizarre and inexplicable love affair between Donald Trump and O’Reilly. The skit opens up with O’Reilly addressing the “big scandal” in the news during the past week. Of course, in true O’Reilly fashion, that scandal is not the real one but instead is the accusations of misconduct against Obama’s administion.

Baldwin’s O’Reilly then goes on to call on Fox New’s reporter Laurie Dhue to discuss an interview with a former Obama administration employee by the name of Susan Rice. Although, O’Reilly begins to talk to the voices in his earpiece that inform him Dhue is no longer with the company. O’Reilly then asks if she got the check, indicating that Dhue was one of those women who charged him with sexual harassment.

The segment then moves on to another female reporter who states Susan Rice denied the allegations. O’Reilly then asked how Rice seemed and if her eyes said “yes” or “convince me” because they “often do.” The reporter responds by asking the cameraman to do that “thing” they discussed and suddenly her face and voice are obscured.

The segment proved hilarious already, but then Bladwin goes even further and addresses the women accusing O’Reilly of “offering them exciting opportunities at Fox News” and asks the only man who came forward to his defence to say a few words. Then, the screen split and Baldwin appears on both sides, one as O’Reilly and the other as Trump.

Of course, the piece could not be a true Baldwin SNL skit without roasting Trump as well as O’Reilly. Trump speaks out saying that he knows more about the O’Reilly situation than healthcare and that he hasn’t really looked into the O’Reilly allegations at all. And when O’Reilly concludes the interview saying “keep up the good work” Baldwin’s Trump has to stop and ask if it is a joke because so many people have said that and it turned out to be a joke.

This skit while hilarious also shows a frightening parallel to the bizarre affection these two figures have for each other. And given all of the harrassment and assault allegations against Trump as well as O’Reilly, there is no doubt that the kinship and odd parallels will continue as more details unforld.

Reference : http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2017/04/09/snl-alec-baldwin-s-bill-o-reilly-has-lovefest-with-his-donald-trump.html

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